Lucinda Lane Studio, Santa Barbara
March 2010 to December 2017

Freeform and Abstract Geometric Minimal Art Production

•The freeform art style can only be created when I am in the two-year-old mode… When people, places and things are not on my mind. Only pure color, form and the joy of the process doing art. Just observe a two-year-old child painting sometime soon and you will understand what I mean. Better yet, you go ahead and try painting like a child once again to re-experience the joy of playing with pure color and form.

•The abstract geometric minimal art style is the record of the visions I have had during trance states (waking dreams) in which an image appears, in linear form, usually in full color. I then I go ahead and paint a 19×24 inch color sketch. The painting is exactly as I saw it in a trance state…

•The sculpture was inspired by a dream I had after viewing a documentary of the Kogi Indians in South America. I will tell you more about that tale some time…

Mendocino Studio
December 2017 to March 2020
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